You can’t crush ‘em… can’t bruise ‘em… or even shoot ‘em. Oh, oh, the hats of Brixton.

Brixton has been creating the absolute finest in headwear since 2004, producing clean and timeless designs in a variety of styles ranging from the modern to more traditional looks. Based in sunny Southern California and inspired by the music, the culture and the people who surround the company, Brixton designs and constructs each individual piece with those influences in mind, helping Brixton to convey its message, lifestyle and brand through the unique headwear pieces that it fashions.

Lets face it, friends – unless you’re under the age of 25 (or have a Peter Pan complex… not reccomended), have a severely receeding hairline or play sports for a living, you have absolutely no reason to be rocking a baseball hat nowadays. Like oversized tee shirts, portable gaming devices and those silly-ass drawstring bags, baseball hats are for kids and it’s time for you to dapper up, broseph.

Start the transformation at the top, and start with Brixton. That’s one small step for you, and one giant step towards… that thing… what’s it called? Oh, yeah – adulthood. Make your moms proud.

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