Been good this year?

Lame. For all of our bad motherfuckers, Karmaloop has your Holidays on lock with a new Advent calendar- wait, can we even say that? Is that word banned like “Christmas?” Since when are people so politically correct, anyways? We’re a bunch of godless heathens here at the Blogs, so…

… oh shit, the calendar. We’re totally ripping off Jesus an’ shit with a calendar of our own this year that counts down to that Holiday no one is supposed to mention by name. A new door opens each day with a special promotion or crazy discount designed to help make you a better person in the spirit of the holidays; mom need some new leggings and a miniskirt? Bam, discount. Old man pining for the latest T.I.T.S. tees? Wham, free shipping. Little brother busted with weed again? Free 420 kit with the purchase of a Burton winter coat. Of course, these are just hypotheticals (the powers that be won’t give us any sneak peeks), but you get the point.

Click the image above to see what hides behind door number two!