What’s good, Swappers?

It has happened to the best of us; just copped the illest set of sneakers, but didn’t have the right gear to complete your fit. Finally, Sneaker Headz/Sneaker Chic Clothing has fulfilled fantasies of lacing the latest kicks with the threads to match through their creative graphic t-shirt designs. Basing their tees on exclusive sneakers and uber-current slogans, Sneaker Headz has provided a brand that keeps you fresh from head to toe in every sense of the saying. In addition to tees, Sneaker Headz also kills it with custom kicks and will be expanding the brand in the near future. So when you think you’ve exhausted every boutique, department store and online shop looking for some gear to match those new kicks, check on Sneaker Headz because they’re sure to have something for you.

- Leandrew Robinson, KarmaSwap

1.) Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

From Minneapolis MN, owner of Sneaker Headz/Sneaker Chic Clothing.

2.) What kind of product do you produce?

We are a clothing line that currently sells [tees for men and women] but will soon be producing a larger variety of things.

3.) Your line is unique because it requires team work between popular kicks and the tees you design; describe the thought process and development of your gear. You also have your own custom kicks, how did that come about? What inspires their development?

The people that wear Sneaker Headz/Sneaker Chic clothing are those who are bold, brave and confident. They are leaders in style and trends and our clothing speaks for them. Each design has a different inspiration and each designer has their own style of doing things which keeps all of our looks original and fresh unlike some repetitive brands. The colorways are inspired by limited edition, rare, and hard to match kicks so that our fellow Sneaker Heads male and female always have something exclusive to rock with their new kicks hence our slogan “The Perfect Match.” Soon on our website (www.snkrheadz.com) you will be able to type in the name of the shoe you want to match and see if we have matched it or not. The custom kicks section is also something new we are going to offer and basically we are teaming with some hot shoe artists to give you an even more exclusive feel when shopping with us.

4.) What kinds of influences are reflected in what you produce?

Individuality is influenced in our designs and products. Sneaker Headz Clothing is all about being you and wearing what makes you feel like a million bucks. We don’t expect people to just buy our clothes because of the brand – we expect them to buy our clothes because of the design, how it makes you feel when you wear it and because of what we stand for.

5.) Some of Sneakerheadz’ designs:


Florida rapper Tay-Dizm rocking the Expensive Tastey tee – “This shirt speaks for itself, it’s for those with expensive taste and it comes in a few different [colorways].”


How Much?“This shirt smoothly represents how society is always worried about how much you have in your bank account so we put a confident twist on it asking every onlooker ‘How Much Do You Think I Got?’”

6.) What are your ultimate goals for your line?

The ultimate goal currently is to put out hot product that everyone feels and can relate to in their own way so that we can individualize and unite at the same time. We want to continue to grow as a company and perfect our craft so that our customers can continue to enjoy our stuff for years to come.

7.) What are your opinions of the new Karmaswap? How do you see this affecting streetwear culture?

I like Karmaswap and I think that was the most logical next step for karmaloop to take. I think Karmaswap will grow greatly in the street wear culture.