Gentlemen of Boston, what’s good?!

It’s Friday night, you just got paid, and the weather isn’t as freezing that your nuts try to crawl inside your belly – so come through to Karmaloop’s flagship store re-launch, now featuring clothes only for us dudes!

That’s right, tonight is payback for all of the times your girl dragged you through fuckin’ H&M, Claire’s or some other shit. Bring ol’ girl and check out the latest drops from LRG, Supra, Artful Dodger, WeSC and much, much more – we have the whole damned place to ourselves! That’s wall-to-wall men’s gear, sneakers, boots, accessories and a grip of fly naked chicks running around just dying to make out.

Alright, the last part isn’t necessarily true… but it could be. You just never know at one of our jams.

Oh, also worth mentioning that we have free booze, exclusive sales, tunes from the lovely Ms. Thang, and a raffle for the Crooks & Castles x SE Racing 26″ Flyer Bike with all proceeds going towards the relief effort in Haiti. Get twisted, get it on the cheap and be a better person in the span of four hours!

See you there!