It seems that the power of graphic tees has often been diluted and reduced to badly colored and tightly fitting tattoo tees. Frankly, it’s time for a change. What happened to tees that provided messages beyond the fact of someone being a brand whore?

Well, we bring to you Profound Aesthetic. This emerging fashion line creates graphic tees that are not only aesthetically appealing, but bring a unique, intellectual message within every design. Through carefully selected colors, powerful images, and thought-provoking messages, Profound Aesthetic is leading a change in the way we wear and think about graphic tees. As the brand begins to expand beyond tees, we definitely suggest you be on the lookout for this line in the future.

Enough of the banter, check out interview and see how Profound Aesthetic is making their mark within the fashion game.

- Leandrew Robinson, Karmaswap

1.) Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Located right in the heart of the Jersey, we are an hour away from the greatest city on the planet: NYC, the inspiration of all inspirations. Our living is our passion, and that is making Profound Aesthetic the next big thing. They say once you start doing what you really love, work doesn’t seem like work anymore and that’s the holy truth!

2.) What kind of product do you produce? Also, your name is dope, how did you come up with that?

We create concept tees that are visually appealing yet profoundly stimulating to the new trend of intellectuality in urban culture. You see it everywhere, rappers are becoming more conscious of their lyrics, well spoken, well read; fashion is becoming more sophisticated and daring and we are finally starting to use our own mind to think and be conscious of our surroundings. It’s a beautiful thing and we celebrate it.

We landed with our name when we sat down and thought about what it is that we are trying to promote and we kept it simple. We wanted an aesthetically pleasing tee that was profound beyond just the visual and that’s exactly what we did. It’s kind of like Kanye’s music; if you like the sound of his songs and don’t listen to the lyrics, cool. But if you love his composition of finely tuned beats with well thought out lyrics you develop a deeper love for it. But, either way, you really enjoy his music. Our concept is pretty much based on the same principle and it’s been working quite well. You can love the design or you can love the design and the message behind it.

3.) Your artwork is clean and as your name suggests aesthetically profound, who does the artwork and where did you perfect your craft? When did you get involved with selling it to people?

The founder of the brand, Faraz Zaidi, does the artwork. He is a graphic designer of the highest mark with a vision that is truly impressive. He started his very own graphic
design company at the age of 15 and its been magic since. I imagine he perfected his craft with a crazy artist mind that needed to release the tornado of his thoughts and ideas on a computer screen. With his artist ability and the collaboration of the entire teams creativity, we started to release our stuff in the market when we came to the realization that we really had a solid concept. When the founder of Porsche couldn’t find the car he wanted to drive he went into his garage and made his own. We did the same thing, our mind-lab being a mac monitor screen.

4.) Highlight 2-3 items and briefly describe the purpose of them.

Our very first t-shirt was the Peace by Piece tee. The concept is as simple as the layout of the design. It sort of mimics Michael Jackson’s, “Man in the Mirror” concept. Peace
cannot be attained overnight, or by some grand scheme but rather you have to start with yourself and be the change you want to see in the world. It’s a positivist attitude,
primarily, that we stand for which is duplicated in each design we release.

The bird with headphones tee is another one that really highlights the vastness of our creativity. We go to a lot of tradeshows, events, charities, conferences etc. and this tee is always the most interesting with respect to how people react to it. It’s truly up for any sort of interpretation and we’ve gotten some pretty dope ideas since its release. One of my favorites is, “the hummingbird is known for the beauty in its melodious chirp, it’s therefore ironic that the bird is listening to the melodies of man-made sounds through headphones/speakers.” I actually wrote a blog entry [on the brand] at I AM PROFOUND BLOG about the different interpretations we’ve gotten since its release. Check it out. It just goes to show you how amazing art is and to be able to express your art on a t-shirt that every single person you pass by gets to see, that’s pretty powerful, and hey, if you just like the image that’s cool too.

The “Mind is my Nine” tee is perhaps one of our best selling t-shirts. Something about it really appeals to people and we’re happy to see that, not because we are selling them like hotcakes but because people are actually starting to appreciate their given ability to use their minds and peace is actually becoming a trend. When we first came up with the design, I was thinking it was only going to appeal to men but, that is certainly not the case. We sell this tee equally to women. The beautiful part about it is the irony presented in the tee. The words say to use your mind as your weapon, but visually you see a gun blasting with what is seemingly blood. It kind of forces you to look a little deeper and wonder, “whats up with the gun?” and once people understand it, they stand there for a second and say, “that’s dope.”

5.) What kinds of influences are reflected in what you produce?

We are influenced by everything around us. From hip-hop, to technology, to art, to something as simple as a tree. We come up with our design concepts just by living our
day-to-day lives and observing our surroundings with a constant feel good attitude. Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” You can imagine, we chose the latter and it feels pretty damn good.

6.) What are the ultimate goals of your line?

We ultimately want to develop a full-fledged clothing line beyond just t-shirts. Fashion is in our blood; being unique, well that’s pretty much what we do. When you collaborate the two it’s powerful. We want to share our abilities with the world and be as strong and influential as one of our greatest fashion heroes, Ralph Lauren. He started by making ties, and it’s pretty safe to say he is timeless now with creativity that never seizes to amaze. We want to mimic his success and we are confident we are on the path to achieving it.

7.) What are your opinions of the new Karmaswap? How do you see this affecting concrete culture?

Karmaswap is a real dope concept. A lot of people don’t really realize that what karmaloop represents is more than just some shoes or clothes, it represents an entire
culture, a culture of hip-hop heads, sneaker heads, and fashion heads that are unique, think outside the box and got some serious style and a feel good attitude. Every single
thing on your site is different from anything you see at your local mall. It is no wonder you guys are the gurus of concrete culture. And the ability to exchange, swap, buy, sell and recycle is genius. I know I don’t mind exchanging a solid pair of kicks with someone across the country so I can constantly stay fresh. And that’s exactly what karmaswap is, a recycling of the freshest stuff to stay fly. It’s solid.