Founded by six avid skateboarders and snowboarders in Stockholm, Sweden, circa 1999 and currently established in nineteen countries, WeSC is not merely a brand within the streetwear industry, but a company that now defines the streetwear industry.

Through addressing people with awareness – no matter the race, religion or financial background – that each and all share the values and lifestyle of the brand’s founders, WeSC delivers “life after skate” fashion… that is,  a more developed style targeting people outside the skateboard community while holding its core values. Skaters never die, but, shit, we do get older.

Each WeSC drop includes a Swedish Chef-sized smorgasbord of garments, and not like other fashion companies, WeSC is unpredictable and does not follow trends. Trust us on this one. Furthermore hosting an array of “WeActivists” made up of artsists, musicians, skateboarders, snowboarders, visionaries, and men and women that simply define the near future, this is one brand that you should not so much as look out for – but rather, know that they are looking out for you.

As you can tell by the site, WeSC takeover week is in full-motherfucking-effect and we’re going to give you all that you need to know about the brand in the coming days. For now, check out some killer video from two of the Blogs’ heroes, skateboarder Chris Pastras and street artist Stash, as well as a beeeaaautiful serenade courtesy of  Peter Stormare and Jason Lee to ride y’all doggies into the sunset.

Chris Pastras


Jason Lee & Peter Stormare