Leave it to our RockSmith ninjas to stage yet another epic lookbook shoot, this time around featuring Radical Outing! – known Gotham-wide as THE New York City underground sound specialists.

Members Anton Glamb, Mr. Star City, Frisco York, Kielo57, Rocky Business and Santhya have destroyed clubs, raves, jams, bangers and parties throughout the five boroughs with individual members going worldwide way-out-of-control in Tokyo, Montreal, Hawaii, Los Angeles, London and everywhere else in between. Drawing vibes and influences from punk, rap, electronica, IDM, jazz, R&B, ska and more, keep an eye and ear out for a Radical Outing! jam in your area because these cats do not disappoint.

Radical Outing! brought the party to the streets of money-makin’ Manhattan for the RockSmith Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook shoot, featuring the archetypal RS style with bold colors, bitchin’ patterns, craze cut & sew, and a giant genre-fuck of influence and innovation.