The night before our epic office move (stay tuned for the post), Karmaloop did what any other company filled with responsible young adults would do…

… we got ridiculously shitfaced at a classy haunt filled with a gang of models and high society types – duh.

Karmaloop, Future Boston Alliance and The Liberty Hotel got together to host Fashionably Late – The “New” Society Ball last Thursday, and in typical Karmaloop fashion, we jammed until early the next morning to set the stage for one helluva lazy – um, we mean -  productive moving day.

Drinks were cold, the beat was a-bumpin’ and the girlies was hot – check out our Facebook page for the full gallery or peep some of us all swagged the fuck out below. Hope to see you (double) at the next jam!

(click to enlarge)

Karmaloop Founder/CEO Greg Selkoe and Leandrew Robinson of

Photographer Jackie Earhart, Creative Director Dina Selkoe (with the lil’ Selkoe soon to make an appearance), and stylist Sara Garcia

Marketing’s Dennis Todisco and Frankie Eiknarf

Operations Manager (and Blogs’ dream girl) Renatta Hosein

KarmaloopTV‘s Julian Foxworth

Men’s Buyer Dohnn Ball

Buying Assistant Dani Concepcion

Marketing’s Giovannah Chiu

Women’s Copywriter & Blogger Susie Kostaras

MindRite‘s Jose Hozay, lookin’ like he has highlights

Brendan Boyd and Marcel Angol of ®Society Original Products

Creeps(treet): Chip and Boris

Bad Rabbits