“… somebody tell Satan that I want my fuckin’ swagger back…”

We haven’t been this stoked on new music for a minute.

Presenting: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All – if you’re easily offended or appreciate Steve Harvey, rollerblading, hip hop blogs or whoever your favorite rapper is at the moment, then OFWGKTA ain’t for you.

Straight outta Los Angeles, OFWGKTA is not a rap collective in the conventional sense – made up of kids too young to drink (legally) with the eldest, 19 year-old Tyler, the Creator as the click’s grime general, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Jasper the Fucking Dolphin, Mike G, Taco, and Left Brain (amongst others) are a legit crew of skaters, artists, friends and wild motherfuckers, set to jack this industry by doing shit their own way – original, creative and fresh as fuck, not to mention hilariously offensive and more disturbing than finding a condom at the bottom of your cereal box.

Don’t let the young ages fool you here, because these dudes are way the fuck ahead of their respective born dates in terms of lyricism and production. As a co-worker put it to us upon our first introduction, “shit is like Eminem mixed with Gravediggaz and Heltah Skeltah infused with Doom and Company Flow beats. Like RA the Rugged Man meets early 8Ball & MJG… I don’t even know, but this shit has me excited.”

The feeling’s more than mutual. Our loyal readers know that we’re all about Bad Brains over Lil’ Wayne, Slayer over Soulja Boy and bags of laced chron instead of bullshit by Louis Vuitton – but OFWGKTA is right up our dark, dirty, lurker-filled alley (gotta find a way to introduce these dudes to our Creep Street fam). Whether name-dropping Joy Division’s Ian Curtis over beats that sound like speaker-blasts through shit-stained bathroom walls at a metal show, verbals that could have been boosted from snuff flicks and other wholesome shit your moms would bump in her Camry, there’s a little bit of everything for our similar-minded maniacs in the OFWGKTA catalog. Ranging from brutal to abrasive, serene to Satanic, we haven’t heard a single co-worker yell at us to shut this shit off to date – could be because the volume’s too high to hear them, but we digress.

We’ll leave the comparisons and critiques to you, but we highly recommend reading up on these cats – definitely check for some of Tyler’s insane interviews. In the meantime, cop some free downloads below, check out the YouTube channel, look out for these dudes at Hawthorne skate park and, most importantly, swag ‘em the fuck out!

OFWGKTA – Radical

Tyler, the Creator – Bastard

Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers

Tyler, the Creator – “French” (snippet)