We have to apologize to all we know for the ignored phone calls and super low productivity as of late, coupled with a sexual appetite that would make junkie prostitutes blush. But it’s all this book’s fault!

The collaboration is simple: model, photographer and D-cup connoisseur Henry Hargreaves loves hooters and he’s friends with designer Timo Weiland who enjoys putting saucy images on his wallets. Pretty much a match made in honkers-heaven, and The 3-DD Book is your ticket through the girly Pearly Gates.

With 80+ pages (that’s way more than a handful) of 3-D titties in super-detailed, crisp black and white, this book will enhance your life, coffee table, bookshelf and bathroom floor, or be yet another reason why your girlfriend moves out of the apartment. Regardless, the book celebrates the prominent role of the nude in art and certainly portrays women in (almost) all of their glory with beautiful images of natural breasts in all shapes and sizes… or, to sum it up for you in a few words:

Boobs in 3-D. Enjoy.