Clothing is by far one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. With trends evolving what seems like every month, it has become more and more evident over time that if a brand wants to stay relevant for more than a week, they need the ability to adapt to a changing market. As with anything, acknowledging an ideal, in the end, doesn’t mean shit without execution. And although somewhat new to the game/spotlight, Bay Area brand Adapt is showing strong signs of knowing what the fuck they’re doing. Not only do they have good product, but what caught my attention, was how consistently they put them out. And it wasn’t just like they slapped some picture on shirt and called it a day; you could easily tell they put thought into making their designs clean and current. With upcoming collaborations with Zion I, New Era Fitted, and fleece celebrating the Giants’ World Series victory, Adapt is definitely a brand you’re going to want to pay attention to.

- Julian Ortega, Kazbah

The Misfits Hoodie; The Misfits Tee.

The Adapt Pin Set; The Orange and Black Laces.