FLüD just dropped some new timepieces at Karmaloop and two of these joints are so impressive, you might as well toss your old shit into the trash while we tell you what time it is.

The Supply Circuit Melrose Pocket Watch… lets talk about it. This dignified pocket watch has more class than a doctorate education and more laid-back elegance than crashing a cotillion ball hopped up on kind bud and Xanax, complimenting any getup without being all “look-at-me-while-I-fucking-sing-and-tell-jokes-and-beg-for-attention.” Cultured, ornate, genteel and chic are just some of the words our thesaurus is telling us to describe this fucker, but we’ll settle on…unfuckwithable.

So fly that it’s higher than goose cooch, The Big Ben Watch in Walnut is giving us a woody just looking at it (wocka, wocka). It’s not made from real wood (doye), but that doesn’t mean you can’t fuck with people when they ask. The Walnut joint presents all of your favorite features from Big Ben’s of the back-when (interchangable bands, classy Roman numerals on a bigger face than Rihanna has), but – it looks like wood! On a fuckin’ watch! To hell with Lincoln’s teeth…

Karmaloop and FLüD are pals for life, so you know we have the full Holiday ’10 collection – click here to check it out.

The Supply Circuit Melrose Watch.

The Big Ben Watch in Walnut