Because sneakers generally cannot be worn alone (unless you’re her), venturing into the realms of apparel, accessories and outerwear was the natural next step for this Coney Island-based powerhouse -  and our Sneaktip dudes have been killin’ it ever since with a signature look and feel.

Just copped our set of Winterized Spizikes (all black, you know how we do) for the season, so we just had to hit up or ST fam to swag these fuckers out properly. Working top-to-bottom, we’re starting off with The Torch Hat and integrating that gem with The Inner City Hoody paired beneath The M-65 Jacket – it’s colder than a sympathy-fuck up here in Boston so we gotta layer up. It’s officially a toss-up between the black Off the Chain Tee, The Just the Tip Tee, and The Reef Tee since the prints are solid-as-a-rock this season, not to mention the rest of the cut & sew collection.

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