New York City-based VGB (Vagrant Gentleman Bonafide) caters to the new age James Bond of the world and provides the required attire suitable for all of his worldly travels and activities… but you already know that.

Since the brand’s debut last winter, VGB has been synonymous with class and its customized touch places this line in a league of its own. Preferred by gentlemen of leisure, renaissance men, and modern men who look to fashion to reflect their personal point of view, VGB is not simply a clothing line – it is an essential lifestyle that speaks to the cultured gentleman.

Not content with being just one out of many, being an individual is key for the VGB man. The VGB man is always one step ahead of the crowd and standing on his own, whether it is at work, play or in his sartorial fashion choices.

He is a Vagrant; never stationary and unpredictable.

He is a Gentleman; conduct is must when making his way with the female friends.

He is Bonafide; 100 percent official and mastered in his trades.

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