I found out about Toro y Moi recently and dig his music. He definitely offers a lot of retro praise which raises some questions on if there is anything else in this music world that is going to truly define what “next level” is. Maybe it will be my band..? Probably not, since we suck the shit outta old music’s balls as well, but still try to push boundaries on what we think is “modern” from the sonics to the songwriting.

Who knows? Whatever.

I was also just informed that Toro Y Moi used one of our songs (SoulClap remix of “She’s Bad“) in his mix he just released below (about seven minutes in):

FACT mix 219 – Toro y Moi (Feb ’11) by factmag

Toro y Moi is embarking on a nationwide tour and the dates can be seen here; check him out in a city near you.