Artist and designer Matthew Waldman returns to Karmaloop with the latest drop of Nooka Watches – but dude ain’t just flipping timepieces anymore.

Founded in 2005 as somewhat of  a side project, Waldman started Nooka as an opportunity to incorporate his graphic design skills in manufacturing a watch he designed for Seiko which had unfortunately been discontinued. Thus, the early Zoo model was born, and with the encouragement of fellow designers and his first client, the Museum of Modern Art, Waldman pursued Nooka designs as a full-time venture – and we could not be happier he chose to do so.

Premiering at Karmaloop a couple years ago with just the Zoo, Zot and Zehn pieces, this crew has steadily dropped new product since and the latest Nooka release features new looks, fresh colors and more of the oh-so-clean designs for which Nooka is heralded. New Karmaloop staff favorite, The Karim Rashid Yogurt Watch (a collaboration with the award-winning designer), presents a slick, minimally-digital face in place of the boring ol’ minute and second hands. Same goes for the 2011 look of the iconic Zub Zot Watch – just remember: the two left columns display hours one through six and the two right columns show hours seven through 12, while the stripe at the bottom tracks the minutes and seconds, also displayed in the box at the bottom right. See? Idiot-proof. Additional features, such as chronograph capability, an alarm and water resistance make these and all Nooka timepieces surefire keepers.

We told you that Nooka has strayed from strictly producing watches these days, and lying is for jerks. The Asset Organizer is hella convenient in it’s compact size (yet features more than enough room to store your cards, cash and contraband), not to mention that it’s waterproof – just in time for camping and exploring season or whenever you accidentally drop it in the toilet.

For you futuristic fuckers out there cruising the stratosphere, Nooka has the best sunglasses and belt combo you could buy with those space bucks, Jetson. Especially for the brave (or the homie Wahid at SweatTheWorld), The Mercury Sunglasses look like a Kanye West wet dream set at the optometrist while The Nooka Strip Belt presents a whole new meaning to “another notch in your belt.”

All these and more at Karmaloop – click here to check it out.

The Karim Rashid Yogurt Watch

The Zub 38mm Zot Watch

The Asset Organizer

The Mercury Sunglasses

The Nooka Strip Belt