(Trash Talk in Boston last month – pics via PrefixMag)

“Punk is not dead. Punk will only die when corporations can exploit and mass produce it.”

- Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys

Well… guess hardcore punk has been buried for years now. So, fuck it - now we can finally move forward.

With the alleged “death” of hardcore punk rock there has predictably been a flux of tributes to the rotting corpse of a genre; killer bands Trash Talk, Trapped Under Ice, Gallows, Fucked Up and OFF! (just to name a very few out there in the scene today) are carrying the torch set ablaze by our HxC forefathers, and you can’t find more gear hyping heavy-hitting bands than within this streetwear culture of ours.

Aging thrashers and former punk-rock snobs ourselves, we couldn’t believe the collaborations going down when we started at The ‘Loop almost five years ago (holy shit, we’re old). Supreme, Vans, Obey and countless others have collaborated with seminal hardcore punks Bad Brains over the years, while Black Flag‘s iconic “bars” logo and The Misfits‘ “Crimson Ghost” have also seen twists, treatments and tributes all over. And remember the Suicidal Tendencies collection Vans dropped last summer? That shit was hot as fuck, and it looks even better now after a year’s worth of shows resulting in blood, sweat and tear stains.

As the “typical” streetwear consumer becomes more and more difficult to define (an awesome thing, by the way), we’re stoked to see brands continue hyping hardcore bands old and new alongside current and classic hip hop and electronic artists who have long been the standards for this culture’s fashion sense. And if you don’t like it? Remember the words of Boston’s Jack “Choke” Kelly: “Punk’s dead. You’re next.”

The 4-Pack T-Shirt in White – Fourstar (Black Flag); The HFC Bone Shaker Tee in White – Hellfire (Jody Foster’s Army).

The PMA Tee in Black, Red, Yellow, & Green – Dissizit! (Bad Brains); The Steve Caballero Tee in Midnight – Vans (The Faction).

The Getting The Fear Tee in White – Mishka (Negative FX); The Rise Above Tee in White (Black Flag).

The My Rules Tee in Black – Hellfire (Black Flag); The Cool Te Be Me Tee in Black – Diamond Supply Co (Descendents).