(left to right: Slick Mahogany, Whatchyamacallit, Flynt Flossy, Pretty Raheem, Yung Humma, Tummiscratch)

Everyone here at Karmaloop has been riding with Turquoise Jeep for a minute now so we were fuckin’ stoked to get Jeep driver Flynt Flossy on the phone for an interview in the midst of the crew’s college campus tour.

Read on to see what F-dot-Floss had to say about Turquoise Jeep’s music, moves, style and forthcoming projects:

What city are you all claiming and where will the Turquoise Jeep be riding from 2011 ’til infinity?

We claim “everywhere” – I say we’re from everywhere for the fan experience. We have plans to be everywhere, you feel me, baby? We got a lot of Jeep riders everywhere and we gotta touch everybody.

Your mic game is nice, but we know that dancing is your thing after checking out the tutorial video - how did you learn to step like that?

I didn’t have no formal training or nothing, I just [learned from] watching videos as a kid and acquiring from other dancers.

That leads us to the “Did I Mention I Like to Dance” video – the purple jumpsuit, dude… yes.

My stylist came up with it –  I tell her how I want the video and the stylist got the purple jumpsuit, and I am glad she did. Everyone was feeling the purple jumpsuit!

What inspired you to bring back that good ol’ early-1990’s vibe?

It’s like, a lot of times people don’t perform… I’m an ’80′s baby and I have a lot of feelings and I come out with it. It may look like I’m emulating the ’90′s but it’s just an idea and I’m going to [ride with] it, baby.

We know Turquoise Jeep loves the ladies in stretchy pants, but what else do you like to see on a potential companion for the evening?

The questions is, what I don’t like to see… is clothes. Straight to it.

Have you found any chances to flex that ProSEXXXor knowledge on some co-eds during this college tour?

[Laughs] We gentleman at the same time, so… no comment, you feel me, baby?

Tell us how YouTube has contributed to your success:

YouTube and [Turquoise Jeep] have been always been on the grind and YouTube was really the outlet. We can produce these joints and YouTube was a huge part of  making it crack and happen.

When can we expect some new joints and videos?

I am glad you asked because we just put out new video, “Can He Move It Like This (featuring Pretty Raheem).”

Any last words and shout-outs?

Shout out to all fans who keep the Jeep riding, without you all it wouldn’t have gone down. We just goin’ to keep the Jeep riding, you feel me, baby?

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