Smoke a few sticks / Poke a few chicks / Shave the points off the game, call it Blue Chips…

Bumpin’ the fuck out of Action Bronson lately, and we had dude’s Bon Appétit… Bitch!!!!! mixtape on repeat with the volume at 11 throughout this shoot. Even though I have no idea what the hell “amuse-bouche” is, it seems like a fitting title for the latest installment of  Build This Look. I just hope it’s not French (?) for “I eat puppies” or some shit.

Anyways… check out this week’s Look and own that shit, son.

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Jacket by DGK (coming soon!)

The Flava Watch in RedNeff

The Brown Cross Bracelet in Brown and SilverM. Cohen

The Yak Bone BraceletM. Cohen

The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot Key Ring in BlackHartlett

The Feather Necklace in WhiteHartlett

The Juvee Tight Fit Jeans in TobaccoObey

The Assault Sneaker in GraySupra

Model: Chris Deleigh

Stylist: Dani Concepcion

Photographer: Tommy Vo