Karmaloop recently caught up with D-Why, a 23 year-old recording artist who has a passion for all things music. Read on as D-Why talks to us about his upcoming mixtape, college, Diggy Simmons, and more.

For those who haven’t heard of D-WHY, what would you like people to know about you right off the bat?

Just that I’m a young man trying to have fun, make music and push boundaries. I don’t see genres or labels, I just see music as an art form and I want to draw in listeners and have them press that repeat button over and over again.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in New York City, grew up in West Virginia, and am now based out of NYC and Los Angeles.

I see you went to West Virginia University, did you graduate?

I did indeed. I graduated with a degree in Public Relations in 2009, and a Masters in Marketing this May. I’m glad to finally be done with school.

If you weren’t into music what would you be doing?

If I weren’t making music, I’d probably be in marketing or PR for either music or fashion, two things that I am very passionate about. Or maybe I’d be a lawyer or something. I’ve been told I talk a pretty good game [laughs]. Education is important; it always gives you something to build upon and fall back on.

Which songs would you want to make sure new fans listen to?

Shooter McGavin“ is the most recent track that I’ve officially put out. I guess I’d tell them to start there and just listen back to all of my other recent releases from the past year or so, just so that they can see the progression and my propensity to change things up. But most importantly, stay tuned for the new material that’s on the way.

What can you tell us about your upcoming mixtape that will be releasing the end of this summer?

It’s called Don’t Flatter Yourself – a.k.a. “D.F.Y.” It’s crazy. It’s been a few years in the making and has gone through several phases. I’ve been growing as an artist and as a writer, so this project is going to be a reflection of that. It’s a lot of exploring creatively, and just having fun. Very excited for everyone to hear.

How is it different from the music you have out currently?

It’s more diverse and eclectic. I’ve been experimenting and growing as an artist over the past few years, and D.F.Y. is a reflection of that. There will be more singing and more introspective writing. I’m very inspired by everything from indie rock to pop to folk to bluegrass to opera, and of course hip-hop, so there are hints of everything on the tape. The records are sonically “bigger” and much more polished than what I have put out thus far. I’m taking my time to make sure everything is just right.

Who are you working with production wise on the mixtape?

My in-house producer, Marcus D’Tray, who I collaborate with often, will probably have about five or six of the records on there. They are all sounding crazy and we are putting the finishing touches on a lot of the songs as we speak. Also, via personal relationships with my management, I’ve also been able to link with T-Minus and Hit-Boy – both super cool dudes who are not only young, but also super talented and super humble. And just happen to be two of my favorite producers in the game right now. It’s been a blessing to even meet these guys, nonetheless be able to collaborate with them. We have some crazy stuff is in the works.

Any feature artists?

As far as collaborations with artists go, I’ve linked up with my brother Diggy Simmons [through] mutual friendships and we have been able to build a relationship outside of music. He’s a super talented kid who is about to make a big impact on the music industry. I’m super excited for everyone to hear what he and I cooked up! In addition, there will be a few indie tracks on the tape that will be remixes of some indie songs, so listeners will also get to hear some indie bands and artists as well.

You’re currently working on a music video over in Europe, which song is it for?

I don’t want to give much away, but I can say that the world will be seeing some epic D-WHY x Rex Arrow videos dropping in the coming months to accompany D.F.Y.

Why Europe?

Does that question even have to be answered?! [laughs]

Looks like we have a funny guy on our hands! Anything you would like to add that I didn’t touch on?

I just want to let everyone know that everything I have done thus far, and will continue to do, is all me. From song lyrics, to wardrobe selections, to video treatments—my goal is to fully create. My team and I have been working very hard to make sure that everything is on point and 100% as perfect as it can be. I’m just humbled to have a great team behind me and great fans supporting me and my music! I appreciate this opportunity, and I want to send a big thank you to Karmaloop!

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