From hardcore loyalists to hip hop heads alike, nothing screams “tough as fuck” quite as loudly as a bitchin’ varsity jacket. Although the trend nowadays is seeing brands adding all of the accouterments during production, trust me, what makes these things so special is adding your own pins, patches, rips and bloodstains to make the jacket unique to you and no one else.

10 Deep has been killing shit with basic templates on it’s varsity joints over the past couple years which allow you the freedom to pin, paste, paint or stitch whatever the fuck you want on the jacket. Like my dude Valient Himself said about denim vests, “you wanna put some shit on it, do it, you wanna draw on it, do it, you think you have no ability to do it? Doesn’t fuckin’ matter – if you do it, people are gonna know it’s bad ass, so make it bad ass.” The same rings true with varsity jackets – or really, any damn thing you wanna wear for that matter – put a little individual effort into it and you have a gem for life.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I’m pretty stoked on this week’s Look. I fuckin’ love Halloween colorways, 10 Deep and adidas, so this is right up my alley. And now that Fall ’11 goods have started dropping on the site like crazy, we’re getting varsity jackets galore – now get out there, rock your own shit and stop riding the bench.

The Wildcard Jacket in Burnt Orange10 Deep

The WeSC Zip Up Hoody in BlackWeSC

Photographer: Joel Meus

Model: Chris Deleigh

Stylist: Dani Concepcion