Karmaloop caught up with the Founder and CEO of Flüd Watches, Doug Cohen, and learned a lot more about the brand’s influence and what new product we can expect this holiday season.

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Describe a day in the life of the CEO of Flüd Watches.

Not a lot of sleep, a fair amount of talking to my dog, a lot of e-mail, a shitload more e-mail, staying awake stupid late to deal with my factories… also, chocolate every day. Can’t live without some chocolate!

What inspired you to start designing watches?

I just liked watches.

Did hip hop music or growing up in New York spark that influence?

They’re the same thing to me. NYC is all hip hop – I really don’t see how you could be a downtown NYC kid and not have hip hop be one of, if not the biggest influence in your life. It’s everywhere – I grew up in it’s nook. Be it as a DJ, being down with my TCK family, just roaming Broadway, it’s all the fire that keeps this company alive.

With all the increasing competition in the street wear market, what keeps your creative mind going to keep Flüd watches one of the most popular watch brands?

Honestly, no one approaches watches like us. Shouts to Nixon, they really do their thing in terms of innovation, but they come from a different angle. We’re all NYC street kids – we wear sneakers, we make a lot of mom jokes, argue who’s the best emcee [between] Biggie, Jay-z or Nas, scour blogs for the newest artists. We take our influence from all that – we’re not trying to copy high end watches like other brands or recycling the same style of watch. We just want to make shit that speaks for you and to you. We are you! We’re pumping the same new artists you are – Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Mayer Hawthorne, Machine Gun Kelly is non-stop on the iTunes. Who else makes a watch that is like that?

Was it a tough process at first getting big celebrities to want to wear your brand?

Well it wasn’t the intent – we just wanted to make dope watches. I happen to know a lot of DJ’s and hip hop artists, so they just showed love from the start. It wasn’t something I intentionally went after.

Describe your first big break in the industry:

Shit, it’s been so long, who can narrow it down? All I can say is that I’m here as a definite nod to all the people who have looked out for me in all my endeavors over the years, and I continue to be here thanks to a lot of those same people. I guess my first big break was just meeting the right people at a young age!

On a personal level, what is the most memorable collaboration Flüd did?

I’ll just go with the latest ones, which definitely is something that I’m insanely proud of. We’re dropping a line with Disney as we speak – Nightmare Before Christmas, my personal favorite and one of my top five favorite movies of all time, Mickey Mouse, Muppets… It’s kind of crazy to grow up with a brand and have that brand want to work with you. To be part of something so iconic is pretty unexpected and an honor.

Can you tell us a little bit more about The Alchemist Watch and what you would rock with it?

The Alchemist is super dope. Oversized crown, with a recessed dial. It comes with a nylon, a leather and a custom molded silicone strap. The Alchemist is an everyday watch, you can pretty much wear it with anything, but I love rocking the black and gold one with a shawl neck [collar] – classic and still a little flashy.

What is your favorite thing to wear with Flüd’s The Moment Watch?

The Moment is one of our most traditional looking watches – but it comes in so many different colorways that it all depends on which color your rocking! I’m really into rose gold lately, so if I rock that one I try to dress conservative and let the rose gold do the talking.

Any special product dropping for the holiday season we should look out for?

Disney! We’re dropping our Disney collabs which are super dope! The Tank is gonna be crack, with a glow in the dark strap [that is] interchangeable and comes with black silicone and military green nylon strap as well. The Order is coming back [and] one of the new colors is Rose Gold which is insane!

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