The Poison Pack Hi Sneaker in Black Snake

Sicker than Taipan venom…

The BLVCK SCVLE Poison Pack from late Fall just landed at The ‘Loop, and these gems were definitely worth the wait. The premium leather uppers are absolutely unfuckwithable in terms of quality, durability and comfort, yet those  attributes are trumped entirely by the sharp-as-cobra-fangs snakeskin embossing. Stoked that the BLVCK SCVLE crew kept the colorways solid as opposed to the lame, boring snakeskin print seen just about everywhere these days…

The black highs (above) are my picks of the lot, but I have to say that I’m diggin’ the eggplant colorway like an undertaker since seeing them in person – especially the chukka-styled mid top. To make ‘em extra fresh, consider lacing them up in orange to match the cush, cotton interiors. But know that no matter what you do to make ‘em your own, you’ll be leaving poison-laced footprints wherever you stomp.

Check ‘em:

The Poison Pack Hi Sneaker in Purple Snake

The Poison Pack Mid Top Sneaker in Eggplant