Taylor Gang member Chevy Woods rolled through the office for an exclusive interview last week and dude filled us in on his next mixtape titled Gangland, the upcoming tour with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, and retiring the word “ho.”You’re dropping your own project Gangland soon, how long have you been working on it?

I’ve been working on it for a while.  It’s just a bunch of songs that I’ve been doing here and there throughout our tour and and while we’re off of tour.

When will it drop?

We are shooting for before the end of the year.

Will you have any features on the mixtape?

Yeah, I can tell you a few, I won’t tell the few that’s not in Taylor Gang.  But you know, the normal people, Lolo’s gonna be on it, Neako’s gonna be on it, Cordi’s gonna be on it, Wiz’s gonna be on it.

Why did you choose the title Gangland?

I chose Gangland because I felt like it’s just a land, for just us.  It’s the Taylor Gang land.  So, if you get invited to the land, cool.  If you’re already there and you’re one of us, great! So, it’s like a TV show thing too.  It’s like a spinoff to the show Gang Land, you know all of that.  I might have a narrator and all of that.

Wiz’s is dropping a separate project with Juicy J and other Taylor Gang affiliates – can you tell us more about that and when is it going to drop?

It’s a compilation project. We don’t actually have a name for it yet.  And there’s no date for it yet.  We’re just still working because it’s so brand new.

In Europe you guys were touring with Yelawolf and he had to leave early, so you opened for Wiz! How did it feel performing your own act?

Well yeah, being over in Europe, and opening for my first time, it was like kinda cool because the fans knew all the words! I was like “wow, this is different to me,” because they don’t understand too much of English, so, it was crazy to me!

Is being on tour all the distracting to your creative process?

Well, being on tour with Wiz, and all of us working, it helps and it hurts sometimes.  It’s like, you’re used to things back at home, some engineers, and you get different engineers.  And, Wiz is doing things, and I’m doing things.  So, it hurts it from that aspect, but it helps it because you get to see a lot.  And, you get to put things in your mind when you get back to the studio, when you get back to the states; you get to record, and put those things that you’ve seen in your music

Your brother Ludi Boy is touring with you, what’s his role in the Taylor Gang?

My brother Ludi Boy is touring with us.  He does the merch.

Do you guys fight a lot? 

We bicker, as you know, as brother things.  We all bicker.  But, he and I might bicker more and nobody gets in between us because we’re brothers.  We have good times, it’s fun, but it’s work too at the same time.  So we just chill, it’s not really too much back and forth arguing or anything.

I heard you recently retired the word “ho,” can you tell me more about that?

I retired the word “ho” because it was just moving on to something new.  I said it for a while, and then it caught onto people, we did t-shirts, we did vans, and we did towels.  I had the chain, I gave the chain out.  Some girl had the chain and she tweeted back, “Chevy thanks for the ho chain.”  I just had to let it go just to move onto something new, I just had to give people something new.  No, I don’t have anything new right now that replaced “ho.”  I’m going to move away from the one word thing after tweets.  It was just for twitter for real, and then it turned into this whole big thing.

What have you learned thus far on your journey in the music industry?

The biggest thing I’ve learned is just to be loyal.  Just to be loyal and everybody’s going to have their opinion about what you do and how you do it and what you say.  But, as long as you believe in it, just be loyal to yourself, be loyal to your friend and family and who you be around, it’ll go a long way.

What can we expect from Chevy Woods in 2012?

I’m really excited for 2012 and for the solo career.  And just stepping out and letting people see who I am.  They see me on stage a lot, and a lot in videos, and they hear me on a lot in features and things like that.  But, they don’t really get to see my face.  I’m really going to try to take over the internet thing, and do more visuals, more interviews, more everything!

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