Okay class, quiz time: what is the closest relationship in skateboarding?

If you answered “the skateboard and the skateboarder,” you might be a genius. Or you might know firsthand… regardless, it’s true. One’s preference in concave, shape, or wheel hardness is a defining attribute of a skater, and is unique to all of us.

Most people don’t think too hard about their taste, but Tokyo-based artist Haroshi has made a career out of his obsession. Haroshi uses recycled skateboard parts to make sculptures, with his latest works being the product of a collaboration with HUF and DLX SF.

Deluxe supplied Haroshi with used hardgoods, such as wheels, decks, and trucks. The artist proceeded to make an entire collection of pieces that draw inspiration from the skateboarding world, including a fire hydrant, the tattooed arm of Peter Ramondetta, and even a working wheel. A lot of people forget that skating is a creative endeavor. Haroshi’s work is, literally, the product of his obsession. If you’re at the point in your life where the prospect of the future is especially terrifying, maybe all you need to do is look at what you love. The answer might be right under your feet.