Lil Debbie called in to dish on her burgeoning career as a fashion designer and stylist, before telling her side of the story in regards to the messy break-up with White Girl Mob… read on:

You’re a woman of many trades – from touching on music as a former member of the White Girl Mob, to styling, hosting and more – but what is your true passion?

My true passion is definitely designing and styling in the fashion industry.

What do you have cooking for your fashion career?

Well, I’m actually working on a lot of things since all this started; I have a clothing line collaboration with F2D Clothing in the United Kingdom – they’ve done stuff with Soulja Boy in Europe – the L.A. Clique collab just dropped… I am also working on my own line right now, going for more of a unisex line because I feel like it’s too hard to just do women and just do men. I’m doing my webisodes, I’ll be heading out to Fashion Week in New York and mobbin’ it, and there are a few other projects that I’m keeping to myself for the time being.

Did growing up in the Bay Area influence your unique style?

I definitely think that where we’re from influences our style. Where we live it’s almost, like, cultural. We have hippies, gangsters that still wear extra tall tees… I’m a ’90’s baby and the era I grew up in has also influenced my style.

Did you do the styling in the video for Gucci Gucci?”

Yes, I did style the video. I packed up all the clothing and picked out what she was going to wear and even brought stuff from my house to style the video.

Looking back, it must have been crazy to be a part of something that went viral and got so huge so fast…

Honestly, when I had moved out to [Los Angeles], I moved out to finish school. At that point in time Natassia (Kreayshawn) and I weren’t getting along all that great.  But we were both in L.A. and we ended up re-connecting, which was great!  But I never would have ever in my life thought something like this would get so big because we used to be out here in Oakland all the time Ustreaming, you know, just doing whatever – we had 6,000 followers, you know, nothing major. When we were out in L.A. we filmed the video and put it out… and it just blew up! Honestly, it was just crazy.

How did you first meet Kreayshawn?

I was living in Albany [California] and I knew a lot of Berkeley kids and people started coming up to me like, “there is this girl that looks and acts just like you.” I was like, “who are you talking about?” It was Kreayshawn. So I eventually met her and we clicked instantly.

I’ve known [Kreayshawn and V-Nasty] since I was 15 years-old and I’m an only child raised by my Mom – just the two of us – so I looked at Vanessa and Natassia as my family, my sisters, and you know, honestly, I’m just going to say it – I get so emotional about it still and I’ll start crying. It’s been hard because not only did I lose them, but I also lost another friend that I had invited down to become my assistant, who is now Kreayshawn’s assistant.

What’s the story behind the falling-out?

This all had happened in L.A., like, I’m not going to lie – I lost it. It was so stressful!  I mean, so much shit was going on! You know, it’s so hard to get thrown in the middle all of this new stuff… I never dreamed of anything like this happening. We weren’t ready for it.

Very few people are ready for instant fame. Would you say anyone in particular was in the wrong?

I’m not going to sit here and say I’m completely right in everything. Look, I lost my best friends and to see some of the things that they say about you in social media is hurtful. You just begin to question yourself, you know what I’m saying? You question who you are. Vanessa would call me up and be like, “bitch, nobody knows you, they only know you ’cause you look like Kreayshawn.” That shit was hurtful!

What was your initial reaction to V-Nasty’s Complex interview?

I was on Twitter and I was like, “you know what? Even though all of this shit is going on, I am still going to support Vanessa and I am going to go buy her album” – I wrote that on my Twitter page and then one of my fans asked me if I’d seen the interview. When I read it I thought to myself, “have I been in a fake friendship for all this time?” You know what I am saying? I was shocked. Crushed.

How did all of the in-fighting start?

It was something that was building up over time, a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings. I’m not the best communicator, I admit it. It’s something I’ve learned to be better at.

Where did all of the confusion come from?

Mostly the business side of it – they wanted me to be a DJ and I was like, “yeah I can try it.” But I didn’t want to be a DJ, it wasn’t my thing, and I didn’t know how to tell Kreayshawn that. I didn’t know how to communicate that to her, I didn’t want to dissappoint her. It was one of the major things that kind of changed our friendship.

That must have been a lot of pressure, trying to figure out your role in the group. Did you ever tell them you didn’t want to DJ and that styling was more your thing?

Well, they were giving me choices of what I wanted to do and I was like, “yeah I can try out DJing…” But that really wasn’t my passion and like I said, sometimes I don’t know how to tell people things. We’re all human. I don’t know how to tell somebody that I don’t want to do [something], so that was one of the major things that had kind of changed in our friendship because we were supposed to be a group.

Who were you fighting with Kreayshawn or V-Nasty on this?

Vanessa and I were actually friends when me and Natassia weren’t really getting along. I was spending a lot of time with Vanessa but our friendship fell apart after me and me and Natassia fell out.

V-Nasty was in jail for armed robbery when you guys shot “Gucci Gucci” – do you think it stemmed from jealousy since she wanted to be a rapper?

No, actually she had gotten out. Oh wait, was she still in jail?

Kreayshawn rapped “Free V-Nasty…”

I think she might have been in jail maybe like, a month or two after we were still out in L.A., but I don’t think she was that mad because it was different, like, I don’t rap, you know what I’m saying? I don’t rap. I don’t know if she was jealous, that’s a really good question. I have no clue.

You know, there was a point where Natassia said “I’m sorry for how I have been treating you and I want to fix things,” and honestly, I probably should have put my heart aside and been like, “you know what? I love you, let’s work through this.”

Why didn’t you make amends?

It was hard! I probably should have apologized when she called saying that. But my pride got in the way and I was really hurt. I straight up said that I didn’t want anything to do with her and Vanessa ever again, and it’s sad that I said that to her after so many years. I wish I hadn’t.  But I’m human, I couldn’t turn on a dime.

Did this happen before or after they publicly announced on Twitter that they were kicking you out?

In between. It really hurt me, you know what I’m saying? How am I supposed to just jump back on the train again?

Have you ever told anyone this before?

Honestly, I haven’t talked to anyone about this. I wouldn’t.  But when I saw V-Nasty’s article in Complex my heart stopped beating. And I figured, ok… I guess I can talk about it now.

Was there any part in the Complex article that hurt the most?

All of it! It was like, “holy shit!” What was really funny was when she said I was rich [laughs] I am not. If I was rich I would be in a Mercedes right now, not some fucking old Volvo.

Did you really skip Kreayshawn’s birthday as it was told to Complex?

Yeah… Kreayshawn had called me and asked if I was gonna come to her birthday party, but that same night I was contracted to host a show at a club and this was my first paying gig solo. I had a contract.

And this was right after you were “officially” kicked out of White Girl Mob much earlier in September?

Yeah, and at the time Vannessa and I were cool and she was going to come [to my gig] and then go to Natassia’s party after. Then Vanessa turned it around on me in Complex. I mean, not only did I have a contract but like, why would I go to Kreayshawn’s birthday party? She just kicked me out of the WGM and I was still so upset!

It seems like you did not have much input during your time with the WGM…

I didn’t have much say in the group. Vanessa and Natassia were the ones that called the shots and I just had to go with it.

So if you didn’t go along with them, they would be pissed?

There’d be problems.

After this whole experience would you ever consider working in the music industry again?

I am so thankful for this experience… in a sense it showed me the truth behind the music industry. It is not glamorous – there are a lot of fake people and people who just want to take advantage of you or hop on the gravy train.

Considering that hindsight is 20/20, are you glad that you were a part of the movement?

Um… sometimes it’s great, sometimes I’m happy, you know,  just excited about the opportunities it has given me. And then, sometimes I’m kind of like, “what the fuck did I get myself into?”

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(Interview assisted by Phil Valles)