Karmaloop got up with the G4 Boyz  - Ice Baby, Buggy and Boss – who have recently been featured on on XXL‘s “The Break” and all over the blogsphere. This group is definitely on the rise so make sure to look out for them in a city near you.

Who are the G4 Boyz?

G4 Boyz is Gwalla Gang, a team full of money, hunger and hardworking Gwallas!

Ice Baby and Buggy, you guys are legit blood brothers – what made you consider in rapping together as a group?

Yeah, we blood brothers, and we came from the same struggle, same vision, same mother, same father, same passion, same hunger… so we brought it together but we’re still solo artists in the same right.

As a group, is it tough picking out beats or finding production that you both are going to agree on? Being siblings, there’s always that tough love.

Never, most of the time we agree on the same beat but if not, Ice we’ll do his track to his beat, or Buggy we’ll do it to his beat. Sometimes the record will come out better than expected and we’ll just hop on it anyway but it’s never any biggie.

You represent New York to Ohio to Atlanta – so where is the G4 Boyz from? 

Actually, we was born in Staten Island, New York – Park Hill, right down the block from Wu Tang. [We] moved out to Ohio and did a lot of traveling back and forth to Atlanta [and then] Brooklyn, New York, so we are definitely influenced by all sorts of artists from Master P to Bone Thugs N Harmony to the old Dipset, Wu Tang, a lot of old school R&B and of course, the greatest, Michael Jackson.

You guys were blessed to work with a few major artists, who are some of the artist you worked with?

Yeah, we worked with Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, Kreayshawn, Lil B the Based God, Travis Porter, Jae Millz and now we just working with Fred the Godson, Tory Lanez and more for our new digital album, Blood Diamonds.

Are you looking forward to working with any other artists in particular?

We would love to work with artists like Drake, the homie Rick Ross – that’s coming soon though – The Dream is a really good R&B artist and of course, it would be dope to get a chance to work with Wu Tang or Bone Thugs

There are a lot of G4 Boyz videos on the internet, but mainly the webisodes-type than actual music videos; I see you talking about controversies, clearing up rumors and just wildin’ out… is there a reason behind putting all these type videos out there like that?

Everything we talk about is real so we like to add vision to our music in an era full of fake. Plus, we are more than “rap artists” – we are entertainers in general. We love shows like Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and things like fashion, money, jewelry, beautiful women and just having fun in general! We young though, but like Drake said: “I’m young but I’m only getting older.”

You’re the only hip hop artists to ever to record video testing your diamonds on the internet – kind of bold don’t you think?

Of course it is, but we have a lot to prove due to all the hate we get and when you’re so real it just irritates you [laughs] – but at the same time is still entertainment, but you got to stay real in an era full of fake.

What was the start of the beef between G4 Boyz and Alley Boy from Duct Tape Ent.?

As everybody else did, Ice stated an opinion about [Alley Boy] “jumping” Yung L.A. and throwing it up on Worldstar – [we] just thought it was corny, but out of all the opinions he wanted to comment on ours and say “I see you guys’ punk ass movement and it can’t fuck with mine, your jewelry fake” and blah blah. So we turned up and ethered him and for some reason “rappers” and people is scared of this guy [laughs]. And we like, “we from New York , we love beef.” Plus, this is hip hop so it’s healthy for the culture.

Do you think that you will come to an agreement as most others do in hip hop beefs?

In order to squash the beef, he got to go to Karmaloop.com and get fresh, get some deodorant, take them nasty plated gold caps out his mouth, brush his teeth and apologize to Yung L.A. and to the public, [then] we’ll squash that.

Rumor has it there is a future with Machbach Music Group…

Yeah, the big homie Rick Ross reached out to us through Twitter and told us he just mess with our music and our movement so we definitely working on something – shout out to Gucci Pucci… Gwalla Gang!

Blood Diamonds is dropping soon, who are some of the features and producers on the album?

Fred the Godson, Tory Lanez, the homie Lil Wayne and a few more surprises. All of the beats are mosty from our Gwalla Gang team.

What’s up with the upcoming tour?

First stop is Stamford, Connecticut on March 7th and of course Atlanta – we’ll go over there, smack Alley Boy up a little and shut the city down [laughs].

Finally, what are some of your favorite brands on Karmaloop?

There are so many but if we had to pick, it would have to be Rocksmith, Crooks & Castles, Obey and adidas. Matter of fact, back in 06′ we got footage of us shopping in Karmaloop, spending racks on Newbury Street.

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