Tim William, former touring keyboardist for Gym Class Heroes and Travie McCoy’s artist, steps outside the dark electro/pop that has become his trademark and dives full force into “Pulp Fiction”.

In collaboration with Tim William, New York and Chicago unite with influential NYC natives: Julian Stephen, the young phenom best known for his quirky wordplay and neck-breaking flow; Daytona, who has made a strong case as one of New York’s dopest upcoming acts; and Chicago’s Mic Terror who has been making waves recently with stellar verses on the Treated Crew’s series of records dubbed “Treated Tuesdays” and now “Mondays are Terrible.”  On “Pulp Fiction” the red-blooded males have an explicitly chic discourse on the fruits of life laid over Tim William’s bounce inducing, synth-punctuated production as the lifestyle anthem displays each artist’s unique and dynamic flow.

Stay up on all four of these guys as Tim William is set to release his upcoming project (title not yet disclosed) in the fall, Julian Stephen’s mixtape #AwkwardMoments drops September 12,  The Kid Daytona’s Summer Games mixtape will be released in early August, and Mic Terror will be releasing an album with the Treated Crew, as well as his own debut album Fresh Prince of Darkness.

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