It begins with blurs of melody before fading to silence, but when the synthesizers drop and that familiar falsetto hits, the feeling unmistakable – you’re about to get funked the fuck up by another Bad Rabbits jam.

Following a couple years on the road supporting debut EP Stick Up Kids and a notorious internet-exclusive Cover Series, not to mention sharing studio space coast-to-coast with everyone from New Jack Swing pioneer Teddy Riley to Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham of Deftones, Boston, Massachusetts post-R&B funk-punk hybrid Bad Rabbits – an “American Dream” assembly of accomplished musicians – are set to release its latest single “We Can Roll” on the boogie-starved masses Tuesday, November 20.

For longtime fans of the quintet, “We Can Roll” slamdances right back into where Stick Up Kids left off… well, kind of. The lead single this time around, produced in partnership with Bay Area producer B. Lewis, features a super heavy groove from front to back helmed by the rhythm section of Graham Masser on bass and Sheel Dave on drums, while Dua Boakye’s signature falsetto flirts back-and-forth with a subdued growl as he reminds listeners “now I have enough to reach you,” a true statement when backed by the twin guitar crunch between Salim Akram and Santi Araujo. And you already know when you ask for Bad Rabbits, expect a healthy dose of synthesized codeine for the mind, body and soul. Nothing short of a spiked bat and brass knuckles on the dance floor can get feet moving like a trademark B.R. synth loop and the New Jack Rabbits fail to disappoint once again.

For new listeners to the Bad Rabbits sound – you’re late, but you get a pass. “We Can Roll” is the sound of a band progressing organically through blood, sweat and beers rather than a plastic marketing team. If you dig the latest track, catch up on the past catalog to get a better idea of what you can expect from the band’s debut full-length, American Love, due early next spring… as well as what’s been called an “untouchable” album hidden deep in the vaults featuring production by the aforementioned king of New Jack Swing.

Until those highly-anticipated releases, enjoy the accompanying “We Can Roll” video which showcases the DIY attitude and live show intensity the band has earned a following behind. Co-directed by design firm ArtOK, the visual trails B.R. from the gig’s set-up to a shut-down performance providing true testament to a band and a unique sound that’s a real as it gets.