Tasha Bleu, founder of TREU BLEU IMAGERY™, back again and keeping it light today on BLEU AVENUE!

I’m asking you all for your opinion on this one!

I have a few photos I took in New York City, and I would like to know who wore which items better – and this time YOU’RE the judge!

@GreatScottInc in The Staple Starter Camp Cap-Available on KARMALOOP!


@Perdankt in The Staple Starter Camp Cap-Available on KARMALOOP!


@Puma213 in The SUPER™ Flat Top Sunglasses (and Staple Good Luck Jacket)-Available on KARMALOOP!


@SEXDRUGAKSTAR  in The SUPER™ Flat Top Sunglasses-Available on KARMALOOP!


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Words and Photos by Tasha Bleu of Treu Bleu Imagery.

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