Tasha Bleu, founder of TREU BLEU IMAGERY™, here with your #StreetwearThursday fix and this time I linked up with Aaron Lacrate in New York City… for those of you unfamiliar, Baltimore native Lacrate is a DJ, producer, fashion designer, recording artist, and Founder of Milkcrate Records/Milkcrate NYC… the man definitely puts in work!

I shot a few timeless portraits of Aaron stuntin’ in his own array of MILKCRATE Hats – The Checkers Hat, Suede MILKCRATE Snapback and Star MILKCRATE 5 Panel – all of which happen to be available on Karmaloop now… except the tie-dye bucket hat as frequently seen on Schoolboy Q, so you’ll have to stay tuned to The ‘Loop for that drop.

If you follow Aaron on Twitter, you know that he didn’t bite his tongue when it came to this week’s presidential election, so I took the opportunity to ask Aaron to fill me on his “Top Five Favorite Political Moments in Hip Hop” – don’t miss that list after the photos!

Aaron Lacrate’s Favorite Political Moments in Hip Hop… Ever: 

#5 – 2 Pacs Thug Life Movement

#4 – Public Enemy’s Recording of “Fight the Power

#3 – When 2 Live Crew was Banned in the USA

#2 – Everything About X Clan

#1 – Eazy E Invited to the White House Luncheon in 1991

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Words and Photos by Tasha Bleu of Treu Bleu Imagery.