Powel Crosley was a fuckin’ boss back in his swingin’ 1920′s heyday – an inventor, entrepreneur, industrialist and one-time owner of the Cincinnati Reds, dude must have had money pouring from the pockets of his knickers and Oxford Bags. But when his son asked for the most desired child’s toy on the market at the time, something called a “radio” (remember those?), Crosley balked at the outrageous $130 price tag and instead took his penny-pinching ass home to build one of his own.

The “Harko” model radio was introduced to the masses soon thereafter (at the less-outrageous price of $35) and by 1924, Crosley Radio Corporation was the third largest radio manufacturer in the world. The lesson here? Do it yourself. Or at least be a total cheapskate when it comes to your kids.

Here in the final days of 2012, the Crosley name lives on creating intricately detailed replicas of the original radios and turntables produced by the brand, only this time with the 21st century technology and features required by audiophiles; USB ports, i-Everything compatibility, vinyl to mp3 ripping, and the latest in sound advancements for starters.

For those of you digging the nostalgic element, awesome, you won’t find anything else like a Crosley unless you gut your grandma’s phonograph and wedge an i-Thing in there. But if sound quality is your priority and you don’t have Powel-sized pockets to dish out on a turntable, receiver and speaker set, look now further than these joints:

The Advanced Turntable

The Traveler Turntable

The Spinnerette Turntable

The Collegiate Turntable