Following wild success of the Karmaloop re-release of Reebok‘s iconic Answer IV sneaker, we’re at it again with another of Allen Iverson’s signature shoes, The Question… and this drop went over so well that we had to call on Reebok and re-up.

As the first overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft as a sophomore out of Georgetown University, Iverson entered the league with a number of concerns weighing on his shoulders; he was small even by guard standards (listed as 6’0″ leaving school, Iverson was and is still the shortest number one draft pick in league history) and before he even enrolled with the Hoyas, Iverson was handed a 15-year suspended jail sentence after his alleged involvement in a brawl so you know general managers and coaches had worries about his past. The Philadelphia 76ers, undeterred, drafted A.I. at the number one spot regardless, while Reebok, clearly seeing the marketability and pure talent Iverson possessed, blessed him with a signature shoe before he even played his first game in the NBA. And that shoe could not have owned a more appropriate title: “The Question.”

Both Reebok and the Sixers reaped enormous benefits almost immediately from one of the most electrifying players in basketball history; averaging 23.5 points, 7.5 assists and 2.1 steals per game through his debut season, Iverson was rightly named Rookie of the Year following the impressive start to his career in which he set an NBA record by scoring 40 or more points in four consecutive games, topping Hall-of-Famer Wilt Chamberlain’s previous standard of three straight 40-plus efforts. Any questions left by Iverson that season were just the pair on his feet.

Now, based on aesthetics alone, these could be some of the freshest joints ever produced for someone other than that Jordan guy. The Question’s signature toe cap is blacktop baller as fuck and still utilized on both athletic and casual sneakers alike to the this day, and along with Reebok’s trademark honeycomb Hexalite technology on the ice-blue bottomed soles and Iverson-exclusive “Q” logo and number 3 on the heel, the only question remaining here in 2012 is how Karmaloop is gonna keep these on shelves.

Don’t get caught sleeping like a defender trying to shadow an Iverson crossover on this re-release since stock is limited and demand is higher than dude’s fearless vertical leap in the paint. Get a closer look below and stay tuned for the drop at the Reebok brand page: