Shot on location in New York City by the homegirl Tasha Bleu, FLüD presents another outstanding collection for its Holiday ’12 capsule.

Featuring a line-up of classic timepieces from the sophisticated Frost to the stunningly subdued Eclipse, there are a variety of colored bands with each watch that way you can make more personable with the myriad of options available. From metallic, leather, silicone to the brand’s original mesh bands, a classic ensemble can be easily cooked up strictly for those who wish to stand out.

But take note; it’s not just watches offered this season – the super spacious Rucksack is the latest addition to FLüD’s burgeoning bag collection that is ideal for traveling this holiday season, while on the other side of the spectrum, the Day Pack works well for daily travels complete with smaller compartments and space to fit your laptop when commuting to work.

With pops of red and green throughout the Holiday ’12 capsule, this collection showcases a festive, fashionable and ready-to-wear looks for any occasion this season – dig it: