Tasha Bleu, founder of TREU BLEU IMAGERY™, back again with another Karmaloop Blog EXCLUSIVE!

For this #StreetwearThursday release, I took the time to reflect and count down my top 5 favorite releases of mine from 2012.

Disclaimer: I LOVE all of my updates on BLEU AVENUE, but these sets hold a special place in my heart.

Let’s get to it!

#5.  BLEU AVENUE: #StreetwearThursday w/ Bryant Dope in Brooklyn- I shot with Recording Artist Bryant Dope in Brooklyn, New York on a beautiful Sunday morning right before I shot him on location for the MILKCRATE Athletics Holiday 2012 Look Book! Bryant arrived in an EXCLUSIVE LRG hooded coach jacket and I had to take advantage and get photos! You can shop for more LRG jackets on Karmaloop!

#4. BLEU AVENUE: #StreetwearThursday w/ Lawrence Annunziata in Brooklyn - I photographed Super Model Lawrence Annunziata in Williamsburg, Brooklyn against a dope camouflage wall in his Play Cloths Militia Vest and a pair of GOURMET boots!-Both available on Karmaloop! I REALLY enjoy working with Lawrence! His cobalt blue knit sweater complimented the camouflage vest and wall well! Like his Facebook Fan Page Here!

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#3. BLEU AVENUE: #MenswearTuesday w/ Clayton and Chris Griggs in NYC- Look, I know that this is a #MenswearTuesday post but it was EASILY almost a #StreetwearThursday release with all of the special guest appearances included! This one is definitely a Karmaloop Blog BANGER! I worked with Chris/Clayton Griggs of LfantBrand and photographed them both wearing streetwear looks in front of their display showcased at the Prohibit NYC Store. The twins are showing off The Exchange Watch in Gun Metal by FLuD WatchesThe Exchange Watch in Gold by FLuD Watches and The Zip Wallet by FLuD Watches – all of which happen to be available now at Karmaloop! These photographs also got love from REED SPACE! Check out the post here!

I also photographed Designer Sidney Jackson of LfantBrand in his casual look for this blog release!

AND I caught up with Icon A$AP Rocky and Public Figure CurT@!n$ shopping at the Prohibit NYC Store!

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 #2. BLEU AVENUE: #StreetwearThursday “Who Wore it Better? in NYC - This #StreetwearThursday release holds a VERY special place in my heart! I photographed Designer Akeem King in The SUPER™ Flat Top Sunglasses, Published Author Great Scott in The Staple Starter Camp Cap, VH1 Personality Puma of Black Ink Crew in The SUPER™ Flat Top Sunglasses (and Staple Good Luck Jacket) and Streetwear Enthusiast Perdankt in The Staple Starter Camp Cap!

I asked the Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram World “WHO WORE IT BETTER?” and received an AMAZING response!

Shoutout to everyone that joined the conversation online! A special thanks the female professionals that I reached out to for expertise!

Akeem won against Puma with hundreds of votes on Instagram but Great Scott won against Perdankt with 8 THOUSAND likes on the KARMALOOP.com FAN PAGE! Yes, EIGHT THOUSAND! -Game Over!

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See this photo on the KARMALOOP.com FAN PAGE (8K LIKES!)

#1. BLEU AVENUE: #StreetwearThursday w/ Kim Estes in Williamsburg – I really enjoyed working with Model Kim Estes for this photo set and on top of that, this was my very first contribution to BLEU AVENUE! These photos set the tone for the rest of my photo column! You really get to see all of the intricate details on his Crooks and Castles Jacket and 10 Deep Crewneck in these shots! Kim and I had a fun-filled session as you can see in the photos below! Kim and Jon of FELTRAIGER even got into a debacle over their beards on location! I had to break it up! LOL

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Words and Photos by Tasha Bleu of Treu Bleu Imagery.