It’s difficult trying not to be biased writing for a retail blog, but sometimes I just can’t help it – especially when one of my favorite brands teams up with one of the best photographers in the game.

Stoked to present the video lookbook for Rook‘s killer Spring ’13 collection featuring heralded point n’ shooter Van Styles. You already know that Rook’s tees – designed by industry heavyweights Joe King and Jon Garcia – stand as arguably the most finely crafted and intricately detailed graphics-wise (peep the take on the Givenchy shark for proof), so it should come as no surprise that the brand’s foray into cut & sew with custom hats, knits and tie-dye fleece joints amongst other new items showcase Rook’s eagle eye for the finer points in that realm.

And let’s be real… is there any other photographer out there with a greater appreciation for the female form than Van Styles? Outfitting gorgeous women in men’s gear will never get stale.

Stay tuned for next week’s drop!