As many of you readers may know, the Karmaloop HQ is a place that strikes a balance between working our asses off to bring you the latest & greatest in cool stuff and the inevitable office debauchery.  You guys have tuned in to our out-of-control Freakathons (people still think we’re certifiably insane for giving away THAT many gift codes), partied with us, Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki, Bad Rabbits and 5 & a Dime on the Verge Campus Tour (we’re STILL finding cake on our clothes from Steve Aoki’s sets), and scoped out our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & Vine accounts to see everything we have going on in the office and beyond.

We’re about to give you guys even more. 

Today, we’re launching our brand new Snapchat account so we can hit you guys up with all of our behind-the-scenes looks, fresh product drops, and office antics (we may throw in a few selfies, too).

Did I mention we’re gonna be giving our Snapchat Friends exclusive deals?  Cuz we’re gonna be giving our Snapchat Friends exclusive deals. 

So don’t be shy, hit us up on the batphone and add our username KARMALOOP.COM on Snapchat.  I wouldn’t sleep on this if I were you, Thursdays tend to get pretty nuts here at Karmaloop…